Ritter Sport Minis
Ritter Sport Minis
€ 1.00

Slot 10: Ritter Sport Minis

Ritter Sport Minis

3 bars in a single package, random flavors except marzipan.

More information available at the producer's web site.

€ 3.00

Slot 11: FTDI-Adapter


USB-to-UART adapter board (using the FT232RL) with a convenient jumper-based configuration between 5V and 3.3V (no soldering required). Also breaks out all of the pins.

Includes a short USB cable.

€ 9.00

Slot 12: Nibble++


A soldering challenge not for the faint of heart!. Test step by step how small you can go. If you did it right, a rainbow will be displayed.

This package has its own detail page in the Metalab wiki.

NanoPi Duo
NanoPi Duo
€ 19.00

Slot 13: NanoPi Duo

NanoPi Duo

This is the solution for projects where a microcontroller is too small, but a single board computer is too large. It's a full Linux machine in the form factor of a Teensy!

  • The NanoPi Duo is designed and developed by FriendlyElec for makers, hobbyists and professionals. A UbuntuCore image is ready for it.
  • On such a small board rich interfaces such as Ethernet, USB, SPI, UART, I2C, PWM, IR and audio are exposed. It is powered from a MicroUSB port and boots OS from a MicroSD card (not included).
  • Popular libraries and utilities: WiringPi, RPi.GPIO and Python are ported to the NanoPi Duo’s system and they all are open source. The NanoPi Duo perfectly suits various light-weight IoT applications.
  • Hardware Spec

  • CPU: Allwinner H2+, Quad-core Cortex-A7
  • DDR3 RAM: 512MB
  • Connectivity: 10/100M Ethernet (needs breakout)
  • Wifi:XR819
  • USB Host: 2.54mm pin x2, exposed in 2.54mm pitch pin header
  • MicroSD Slot
  • MicroUSB: OTG and power input
  • Debug Serial Interface: exposed in 2.54mm pitch pin header
  • Audio input/output Interface: exposed in 2.54mm pitch pin header
  • GPIO: 2.54mm spacing 12pin x2. It includes UART, SPI, I2C, IO etc
  • Does not include a video interface (like HDMI)!
  • PCB Dimension: 25.4 x 50mm
  • Power Supply: DC 5V/2A
  • Includes a heat sink that can be mounted optionally!

More information and links to the software on the developer wiki. You need a USB power supply and a USB-to-UART (3.3V) adapter!

400 Holes Breadboard
400 Holes Breadboard
€ 5.00

Slot 14: 400 Holes Breadboard

400 Holes Breadboard
Prototyping board for temporary circuits. Half the size of the usual boards, 85×55mm.
Storage Box
Storage Box
€ 1.00

Slot 15: Storage Box

Storage Box
88x63x21mm outside, transparent plastics
Step Down Module
Step Down Module
€ 1.50

Slot 16: Step Down Module

Step Down Module
Based on the MP1584EN, featuring 4.5-28V input and 0.8-20V output with 3A max on a tiny board.
Step Up Module
Step Up Module
€ 1.50

Slot 17: Step Up Module

Step Up Module
Based on the MT3608, converting 2-24V input to maximum 28V on its output at 2A maximum. The efficiency is up to 93%, the board is 36⨉17⨉14mm.
€ 50.00

Slot 18: TinyFPGA BX


The TinyFPGA BX is a small FPGA module with all of the components and circuitry required for the FPGA to function taken care of for you. To develop for the board you create a design in your favorite digital design language (Verilog/VHDL, Migen, and Chisel are some popular options). Alternatively, you can use a schematic entry tool like IceStudio. A schematic entry tool allows you to graphically draw a digital circuit to be implemented on the FPGA.

Once you have a design, you can program it onto the TinyFPGA BX module over USB. All the functions your design implements will now be able to interface with the outside world through the module’s IO pins.


  • Size: 35.6x18mm
  • Programming interface: USB 2.0 full-speed (12 mbit/sec)
    • 7,680 four-input look-up-tables
    • 128 KBit block RAM
    • Phase Locked Loop
    • 41 user IO pins
    • Breadboard friendly
    • Open source bootloader
    • Open source FPGA toolchain support: IceStorm by our Clifford Wolf
  • 8 MBit of SPI Flash
  • Onboard 3.3 V (300 mA) and 1.2 V (150 mA) LDO regulators
  • Low-Power 16 MHz MEMs Oscillator
    • 1.3 mA power when active
    • 50 ppm stability.

Sugru Original Formula
Sugru Original Formula
€ 3.00

Slot 19: Sugru Original Formula

Sugru Original Formula

Sugru is the world’s first multi-purpose mouldable glue that sets strong by turning into silicone rubber. Choose the Original Formula for general everyday fixing, home and DIY projects indoors and out.

  • Ideal for home and DIY projects: fix, bond, seal, improve, mount and create stuff.
  • Advanced silicone technology that bonds permanently to lots of materials.
  • Stick it, mould it, and it sets strong by turning into silicone rubber.
  • Sets strong and holds up to 2kg.
  • Working time: 30 minutes. Curing time: 24 hours. (Small fixes may cure faster.)
  • Sets stronger and faster than Sugru Family-Safe | Skin-Friendly Formula.
€ 20.00

Slot 20: TTGO LoRa32


The kitchen sink for all IoT applications!

This development board contains the following components:

  • 27x64.47mm PCB
  • ESP32 dual core microcontroller with Bluetooth and WiFi built in.
    • 4MB flash memory
    • micro-SD card connector
    • 0.96" OLED
  • USB-to-UART adapter (CP2104) for programming the ESP32.
  • LoRa WWAN 868MHz interface with an SMA connector.
  • A small SMA antenna.
  • A LiPo battery charge circuit for off-grid applications (includes battery cable, but no battery).


Double-Sided Prototype Board
Double-Sided Prototype Board
€ 4.00

Slot 21: Double-Sided Prototype Board

Double-Sided Prototype Board
The easy way to make temporary prototypes more permanent via soldering. 2 pieces per package, roughly cigarette package-sized boards.
Arduino Nano
Arduino Nano
€ 4.00

Slot 22: Arduino Nano

Arduino Nano

A small Arduino-compatible board with built-in USB-to-serial (CH340). ATMEGA329 chip.

Includes short USB cable.

ESP32 with Ethernet
ESP32 with Ethernet
€ 22.00

Slot 23: ESP32 with Ethernet

ESP32 with Ethernet

The ESP32-PoE by OLIMEX is an IoT WIFI/BLE/Ethernet development board with Power-Over-Ethernet feature. The Si3402-B chip is IEEE 802.3-compliant, including pre-standard (legacy) PoE support. The board takes power from the Ethernet cable and can be expanded with sensors and actuators. Perfect solution for Internet-of-Things projects.

Important notice: ESP32-POE has no galvano isolation from Ethernet's power supply, when you program the board via the micro USB connector the Ethernet cable should be disconnected (if you have power over the Ethernet cable)!


  • ESP32-WROOM-32 WiFi/BLE module
  • Ethernet 100Mb interface with IEEE 802.3 PoE support
  • LiPo battery charger
  • LiPo battery connector
  • UEXT connector
  • User button
  • Reset button
  • Micro USB with programmer for ESP32 programming
  • MicroSD card
  • Two extension connectors 0.1" step spaced at 1"
  • PCB dimensions: (75 x 28)mm
BBC Micro Bit
BBC Micro Bit
€ 25.00

Slot 24: BBC Micro Bit

BBC Micro Bit

An introductory video can be found on SparkFun's YouTube channel!

The micro:bit is an ideal kit for introducing students to the wonderful world of coding and hardware. It is a pocket-sized, fully programmable, single board computer with an array of useful features. Using an ARM Cortex processor, the BBC micro:bit also features an on-board accelerometer and compass sensors, Bluetooth Low Energy and USB connectivity, an LED display, and two programmable buttons.

  • Powered by microUSB
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Compass and Accelerometer.
  • 2 x user assignable buttons.
  • LED display.
  • 21 pin edge connector.

The BBC even provide easy to use code editors which can be used in class lessons. All you need to do is connect your micro:bit to your computer via USB, press the compile button in the editor, then drop the downloaded file directly onto your micro:bit. There is even an app for Android devices.

The package includes:

  • BBC micro:bit
  • Booklet with basic information
  • 20cm USB Cable
  • Battery Cage
  • 2x AAA Batteries

Visit the Micro:bit Foundation!

AVR Programmer
AVR Programmer
€ 3.00

Slot 25: AVR Programmer

AVR Programmer
USB programmer with a standard 2x4 connector based on the ATMEGA8. Includes jumper configuration for 5V/3.3V. Cable is included.
STlink v2
STlink v2
€ 4.00

Slot 26: STlink v2

STlink v2

Programmer for STM32 devices as a convenient USB stick.

Driver for macOS, Linux and FreeBSD

€ 8.00

Slot 27: TTGO T1 ESP32


An ESP32 development board for general use that does not contain the kitchen sink (unlike slot 20), but at a much lower price!

This board contains the following components:

  • 53.8*26.9*5.8mm
  • ESP32 dual core microcontroller with Bluetooth and WiFi built in.
    • 4MB flash memory
    • On-PCB antenna, but also has a u.fl connector for an external one.
  • micro-SD card connector
  • USB-to-UART adapter (CH340) for programming the ESP32.
  • A LiPo battery charge circuit for off-grid applications (includes battery cable, but no battery).
  • Pin headers included, but not soldered.
Male to Male Dupont Cable
Male to Male Dupont Cable
€ 2.00

Slot 28: Male to Male Dupont Cable

Male to Male Dupont Cable
20pcs for breadboard use.
Onion Omega2 Plus
Onion Omega2 Plus
€ 30.00

Slot 29: Onion Omega2 Plus

Onion Omega2 Plus

A tiny OpenWRT (Linux) IoT device, for the projects where an ESP8266 is not enough and a Raspberry Pi is too much!

  • 580MHz
  • 64MB of Flash
  • 128MB RAM
  • MicroSD card slot
  • 802.11b/g/n
  • 15 GPIOs, 2 PWMs, 2 UARTs, 1 I2C, 1 SPI, 1 I2S
  • USB host

Package includes the Expansion Dock for easy connectivity using a 0.1" header, USB host plug and a built-in USB-to-serial adapter.

USB cable included.

For more information, see onion.io. To get started with your shiny new Onion2, go to onion.io/getstarted.

M5Stack Basic
M5Stack Basic
€ 44.00

Slot 30: M5Stack Basic

M5Stack Basic

M5Stack is a robust, open source development kit with stackable modules, user-friendly IDE, enabling rapid and high-quality prototyping.

It is based on the ESP32 IoT microcontroller. ESP32 can interface with other systems to provide Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality through SPI / SDIO or I2C / UART interfaces.

Contrary to traditional hardware development, which needs advanced technical knowledge, the M5Stack toolkit helps makers get rid of all the prototyping clutter.

You can make various different projects with it, ranging from GPS trackers or smart switches to customized Wi-Fi sockets and systems controlling office lights (GPS module and relay not included). By using the M5Stack toolkit, not only will such projects be fully functional, but they will also look neat and professional.

The base module also features a microSD card slot for virtually unlimited storage capabilities. Further, it has a Grove connector to interface with compatible third party sensors and actuators.

This kit includes:

  • M5Stack Core Module featuring ESP32, an Xtensa dual-core 32-bit LX6 microprocessor operating at 240 MHz, with MPU9250 9DOF sensor, a 1W speaker and a 320x240 TFT screen
  • Bottom panel with small LiPo cell and GPIO breakout headers
  • Matching Dupont cables
  • Short USB Cable (Type C to Type A) for programming
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Sticker pack

For more information, visit the official webpage. There, you can also buy additional modules to attach to the base kit.

If you want the official plastic box together with your purchase, please talk to anlumo.

LM2596S Power Module
LM2596S Power Module
€ 4.00

Slot 31: LM2596S Power Module

LM2596S Power Module

A step down module based on the LM2596S with integrated voltmeter! Easy to adjust on the fly and with screw terminals suited for quick test setups, no soldering needed.

  • Input voltage 4-40V (output must be at least 1.5V lower than input).
  • Output voltage continuously adjustable between 1.25V and 37V.
  • Maximum current 2A, works up to 3A with additional cooling. Also enhance the heat dissipation when the output goes over 15W.
  • Efficiency 88% on average.
  • 61x34x12mm
Raspberry Pi Zero W
Raspberry Pi Zero W
€ 25.00

Slot 32: Raspberry Pi Zero W

Raspberry Pi Zero W

The Raspberry Pi Zero is half the size of a Model A+, with twice the utility. A tiny Raspberry Pi that’s affordable enough for any project!

Package Contents:

  • Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • GPIO headers (not soldered!)
  • USB OTG adapter cable
  • Mini-HDMI to HDMI adapter
  • Closed case and case with GPIO cutout, including sticky feet.
  • Camera adapter flatflex cable.


  • 1GHz single-core CPU
  • 512MB RAM
  • Mini HDMI port
  • Micro USB OTG port
  • Micro USB power
  • HAT-compatible 40-pin header
  • Composite video and reset headers
  • CSI camera connector (v1.3 only)

Hardware specifications: Click here for more detailed information on the Raspberry Pi hardware.

Raspberry Pi 3 B+
Raspberry Pi 3 B+
€ 45.00

Slot 33: Raspberry Pi 3 B+

Raspberry Pi 3 B+

The newest revision of the device that started the single board computer (SBC) revolution. It’s the one with the best support on the web, and the newest processor doesn't even suck any more.

There’s a free Mathematica and Minecraft version just for this board!

  • 1.4GHz 64-bit quad-core processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • Micro-SD Slot (card sold separately)
  • 4 USB ports
  • 40pin header with GPIOs
  • HDMI, Ethernet, analog audio/video
  • 2.4GHz and 5GHz IEEE 802.11.b/g/n/ac wireless LAN, Bluetooth 4.2, BLE
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) support (requires separate PoE HAT)

Visit the official page here!

STM32F103 ARM Board
STM32F103 ARM Board
€ 4.00

Slot 34: STM32F103 ARM Board

STM32F103 ARM Board

Minimal ARM board with USB featuring the STM32F103C8T6.

Programmable via the USB port, programmable and debuggable via the STlink v2 adapter also available on this machine.

  • ARM®32-bit Cortex®-M3 CPU Core
    • 72 MHz maximum frequency, 1.25 DMIPS/MHz (Dhrystone 2.1) performance at 0 wait state memory access
    • Single-cycle multiplication and hardware division
  • Memories
    • 64 Kbytes of Flash memory
    • 20 Kbytes of SRAM
  • Clock, reset and supply management
    • 2.0 to 3.6 V application supply and I/Os
    • POR, PDR, and programmable voltage detector (PVD)
    • 4-to-16 MHz crystal oscillator
    • Internal 8 MHz factory-trimmed RC
    • Internal 40 kHz RC
    • PLL for CPU clock
    • 32 kHz oscillator for RTC with calibration
  • Low-power
    • Sleep, Stop and Standby modes
  • 2 x 12-bit, 1 μs A/D converters (up to 16 channels)
    • Conversion range: 0 to 3.6 V
    • Dual-sample and hold capability
    • Temperature sensor
  • DMA
    • 7-channel DMA controller
    • Peripherals supported: timers, ADC, SPIs, I2Cs and USARTs
  • 32 fast I/O ports
    • all mappable on 16 external interrupt vectors and almost all 5 V-tolerant
  • Debug mode
    • Serial wire debug (SWD) & JTAG interfaces
  • 7 timers
    • Three 16-bit timers, each with up to 4 IC/OC/PWM or pulse counter and quadrature (incremental) encoder input
    • 16-bit, motor control PWM timer with dead-time generation and emergency stop
    • 2 watchdog timers
    • SysTick timer 24-bit downcounter
  • Up to 9 communication interfaces
    • Up to 2 x I2C interfaces (SMBus/PMBus)
    • Up to 3 USARTs
    • Up to 2 SPIs (18 Mbit/s)
    • CAN interface (2.0B Active)
    • USB 2.0 full-speed interface
  • CRC calculation unit, 96-bit unique ID

Mini Module with ESP8266
Mini Module with ESP8266
€ 5.00

Slot 35: Mini Module with ESP8266

Mini Module with ESP8266

Small breakout board for the ESP8266 with 4MB Flash. Includes a CH340 USB-to-UART-adapter with a micro USB socket.

The ESP8266 is a fully programmable chip with built-in 802.11b/g/n WiFi support ideal for IoT. Currently, there are four programming environments available:

Cable not (yet) included! Includes all headers shown on the picture. Breadboard compatible!

Arduino Leonardo
Arduino Leonardo
€ 6.00

Slot 36: Arduino Leonardo

Arduino Leonardo

The bigger brother of the well-known Arduino Uno in the same form factor, featuring built-in USB directly on the chip.

China clone, includes short USB cable.